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Fencing Services

P.G. Murphy Fencing LTD offer an extensive range of fencing solutions for an array of uses in both the agricultural sector for containing livestock as well as residential fencing, forestry fencing, motorway fencing and so much more. Whatever your requirements, P.G. Murphy Fencing LTD will have a solution for you. We can also provide you with gates if required.

Residential Fencing

We provide fencing for residential dwellings from light perimeter fencing to heavy duty secure fencing systems to keep intruders out and pets within. They also provide an elegant aesthetic and finish to any home.

Motorway Fencing

We supply post and rail fencing for motorways across the country.

Forestry Fencing

P.G. Murphy Fencing LTD worth with Cuilte, Green Belt local farmers and other institutions to provide forestry fencing systems equipped to keep animals and intruders off protected land and from damaging tree areas.

Stud & Equine Fencing

P.G. Murphy Fencing LTD supply post and rail fencing for studs and equine retreats. We also provide secure fencing for arenas.

Agricultural Fencing

Keep livestock off certain land and out of danger at roadsides. We provide comprehensive solutions for containing sheep, deer and cattle. Single and barbed wire along with single strand electric wire are all available.

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